Tecopa Hot Springs Massage

Feel Better Massage by Karin Pine


There are lots of reasons to visit Tecopa, California  (about an hour from Las Vegas):  the incredibly healing mineral hot springs ….. the remarkable Death Valley landscape ….. extraordinary peace and quiet …  and for some, to receive a massage from me, Karin Pine.

This is not a spa-type massage.  The chances are you’ve never experienced anything like it.  It is a deep, soothing, holistic and often transformative massage that delivers lasting relief and a renewed comfort in your body.


It is my passion to provide effective and lasting therapeutic relief for real people with real stress, tension, aches, pains.  This, I believe, is the reason why an estimated 20% of my clients are themselves massage therapists, bodyworkers, yoga instructors, healers and alternative/conventional health professionals.  Perhaps it’s even the reason so many of my clients find their way to this remote and quaint little desert oasis, Tecopa, year after year.


Each of my sessions is custom-tailored to deliver the client’s preferred results, whether “relaxation,” therapeutic, or healing.  To do this, I use some of the most advanced therapeutic techniques, energy healing, holistic and biodynamic approaches to massage being used today.  In particular, I incorporate an incredibly effective yet gentle technique I call “myofascial massage” (aka “connective tissue massage”) into every session.  Myofascial massage, like Active Release Technique, KMI/Anatomy Trains and other very new techniques, gets aches & pain out of your body by freeing up restrictions in your body’s connective tissue network. 


Just as important, however, are my deep intuition and what I have been told is my “compassionate and nurturing touch.


My focus in every session is to “help you feel better than you believed possible.


Clients report lasting relief from:

  • stress, tension, stiffness
  • osteo arthritis
  • sciatica / back spasms
  • whiplash / locked-up neck
  • rotator cuff injury / frozen shoulder
  • wrist / elbow / ankle / knee sprains
  • tendonitis, bursitis, carpal tunnel
  • migraines


Karin Pine   Planetshpr@aol.com   (760) 852 4478 


Corner of Tecopa Hot Springs and Elias Roads, Tecopa CA 92389