Kind Words From Clients

It’s interesting that I just found the most intuitive, wonderfully skilled bodyworker I’ve ever experienced.  When I had originally come to Tecopa for the healing water and to take a friend to explore Death Valley, I found Karin.  I am a massage therapist and have had moderate to severe pain in my shoulder for 7 years and I’ve had very little relief from any other therapist I’ve come across.  During my session with Karin, I felt such release, both physical and emotional and I have much more range of motion and flexibility since.  There are no coincidences.  She is truly amazing!!  I plan to visit again soon!  Thank you!"
-Cher G., Cardiff by the Sea, CA

"Great work, really found the right spots and quickly could help them truly release.  Evening session was very profound, like a Medicine Journey in itself.  I will definitely be back when visiting in Vegas, as well as recommend you.  Thank you!!"
Pauli M, Stockholm, Sweden

"Karin is a skilled and compassionate practitioner and I have found her treatments to be very beneficial.  I have been a patient for approximately two years...  She upgrades her skills on a regular basis, thereby expending her knowledge base, and that, combined with her calm and peaceful nature,  makes her an unusually effective therapist."
-Nora M, British Columbia,Canada

"I would recommend Karin highly, especially to those who are open-minded enough to try new and innovative approaches to healing.  I had several sessions to help my back and shoulder problems from a horse riding accident...  After just one session, Karin was able to figure out that my shoulder was slightly displaced, and was able to pop it back into place... after 3 months, I have been essentially pain free and basically consider it a miracle.  Karin had managed to do in one session what numerous doctors had failed to even recognize."  
Linda  L, West Richland WA

"Great Massage!  My experience with you for the first time was quite amazing.  The concentration you had on working my neck muscles was astounding.  Because my neck muscles were in such bad shape it took most of my hour’s time working on them alone.  You did manage to get in some body stretching which I enjoyed the most.  I plan on returning to get more of the stretching and perhaps some focus on the gluts on our next encounter.  You’re the greatest!  Thanks for the great massage!"
Robert W., Bakersfield, CA

"Karin's work and suggestions for follow up exercises have relieved me of chronic foot pain from a car accident many years ago - WOW!"  -LaVelle E, Fort Wayne IN

"My neck pain disappeared and the amazing insights I had on your table have deeply affected my life.  Thank you!"   
Veronica B, Los Angeles CA

"Have completed two sessions...  Mobility and a pain free life.  Without Ibuprofen for months.  Prior to getting the sessions, I had pain in my right shoulder blade felt like a knitting needle stuck behind by shoulderblade.  Also pain in lower back and left neck.  My first session last year, was simply amazed, felt considerable relief for five months.  Am hoping that this session will last a year.  It is a wonderful (outstanding!) experience.  I highly recommend every person on earth try this once."    
-Dorney M, Ketchikan AK

“Sorry it took this long to get to you, but I wanted to give you more because you did such a great job!!  [Enclosed a check for $200]  Thanks so much for letting me pay later.  I’m feeling great after your bodywork, so is Michael.  Hope to see you again soon!"    
-Beth B.  Honolulu, HI

"You have amazing abilities and I am so thankful to have discovered you and Tecopa.  Thank you so much for the wonderful, therapeutic massage...  I've been doing the exercises you showed me  and promise to continue.  Your massages are a wonderful experience, as is the good advice you provide. Please continue to use your gifts to help the rest of us enjoy life more."     
Linda L, Las Vegas NV

"I just have to take a few minutes to let you know how much you helped me over the weekend while we were in your area.  I am an 80 year old person and have had back problems and Sciatica for over 50 years.  I found out you could do structural bodywork -- Joy!  Joy!  I haven't felt so good in years."
Lois C, Eugene OR

"Just a note to let you know how appreciative I am of your therapy.  I have felt great since the massage with no dizziness or painful headaches now for four weeks or so.  Again, thank you so much.  Until next time...."  
-Al W, Las Vegas NV

I can’t tell you how happy I am and how appreciative – perhaps you can imagine.  I feel I have a new lease on life, that I really can stop suffering and causing myself pain to suffer in silence.  That you were available to me, with your remarkable gifts and what you’ve done with then, I’m so grateful.  I’ve been to dozens of healers … and what you bring to the table transcends all of it, plus your particular capacity to pay attention to what’s actually happening, and to get me to pay attention, and and and ….  Looking forward to next time, to say the least, and I feel totally cared for and prepared for right now.  P.S.  Susan liked you a lot."     
-Barry H., Los Angeles, CA

Just a quick THANK YOU for the wonderful massage/time you gave me on Sat afternoon…….it is something I will be doing for the rest of my life… I pray you stay healthy yourself so you can continue to help all of us!!  I have not felt so “light” in my forearms …guess I was so used to the tightness, I didn’t known any different?!?!?!?  My back and legs too are so much more limber feeling!!!!  I could go on and on with all the benefits I feel after the massage and another soak!!!!  What a peaceful, wonderful day I had!!!!  I’m back working strong and hard, but I feel stronger and less stress, but I know I will work in time to get another massage!!!  P.S.  I’m sending a few extra $$ for the extra time you gave me both to lounge/visit and massage!!!! Thanks!!!!” 
Monica M., Pahrump, NV

“I feel I have my body back!  I know it is more to come and I feel 100% different.  My golf game improved!  If you want to extend your business to the world of golfers, I write a testimonial.  You’ll have line up from people who want to improve their game!!” 
-Jumbo love, Sophia A., Laughlin, NV

 "I am exhausted from spreading your reputation all over the desert and in every hot tub I get into where people are complaining of aches and pains.  … Greg, my husband, has said that since you did such a remarkable job on me that we will definitely come your way in March and get another workup….. He can’t believe how little I have been complaining about my aches and pains “  
“When I met Karin I had lower back and neck pain that had been with me for 38 years as a result of a car accident.  The damage had spread to my feet to the point where I was in pain just to walk.  I saw Karin twice and I can truly say my pain has been relieved.  She knows how to get the pain out.  I feel young again!!!!  It’s great to have no pain in my feet.  P.S.  Please feel free to use this testimonial on your web site."    
Josie M, Vancouver, Canada

"...oh, Karin's much more than a massage therapist!!"   
Uttara, Los Angeles, CA

“In 30 years of receiving bodywork for relief of the tensions from prenatal Ricketts, infant polio and being a "Type A" person, Karin Pine has, by far, helped me make the most significant strides toward physical comfort and structural function.  Karin is extremely sensitive and intuitive, both in her physical ability to trace down and unravel contortions of the body, and in the psycho-emotional realm where the tensions are created or held.  Her wonderfully soulful humor lends spiritual depth to her work, expanding her healing ‘touch’ far beyond physical awareness.   Her heartfelt understanding of the cosmic ironies of the human condition infuses her approach with love and kindness.

At each session with Karin, I grow emotionally and consciously, while learning to trust in letting go of old, unconscious patterns that no longer serve me.  Through her physical and spiritual guidance, Karin has aptly labeled my progress as “growing a spine,” which is having major ramifications throughout my entire life.  I find in Karin Pine a trustworthy and patient “teacher” as well as an extremely adept body worker."
-Kristin Matthews, B.A., R.D.H., Lone Pine, California


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